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Automated investing that caters to your specific needs, so you can get a portfolio that works for you. 

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The security of your money is Emperor's top priority. That's why we use Folio Institutional to hold your assets and insure them. In addition to our platform, you will have full control over your investments at any time on Folio's website.

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Automated investing designed to earn passive income while you focus on what matters.

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At Emperor, we take portfolio personalization to new heights. We get to know your investment preferences through our questionnaire, but unlike other advisors, we also get to know what you're saving for. By building you a different portfolio for each of your goals, we can finely tailor an investment portfolio designed to meet them. After all, finance should be personal.

Achieving Your Goals

I want to retire on my own terms

I want to be prepared for life's emergencies

My bucket list isn't 

getting any smaller

My family is growing

Emperor pure stock portfolios are designed to:

Earn you passive income

Achieve your financial goals

Save you time and money

Automatically rebalance

Reinvest your dividends

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How It Works

We apply a three step approach to get to a portfolio that fits your needs.

1. Picking Each Stock

Every quarter, our technology sifts through every company on the U.S. stock exchanges and compiles a list of dividend paying stocks that pass our strict filters.

3. Achieving Your Goals

Every time you create a goal, our technology considers the price and industry of stocks in the Dream Team and designs a diversified portfolio tailored to your needs.

2. Doing a Deeper Dive

From there, our team of security analysts do a deeper dive into each company and further refine that list. We call this pool of refined stocks the Dream Team.

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